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Socialization is so easy for most puppies; they accept their environment and learn quickly playtime is fun.  If your puppy is shy, we introduce them to other puppies slowly and when they're ready, they join in with the others. Watching them blossom is the best experience!  

Social or play time is important for dogs of all ages, not just puppies; it helps your dog to be comfortable with a variety of people, places, and things, in addition to other puppies or dogs. Because they have experienced more, they have the ability to handle stress more effectively.


It is especially beneficial to have positive interactions with different people and encounter as many new things as possible in their environment. With training and socialization, even skittish dogs can become more comfortable with new sounds, men or women in caps and sunglasses, or carrying large objects, kids, and more.  For these dogs we take it slow and use counterconditioning and desensitization to help the dogs learn these things will not hurt them and there is no threat.


Did you know? Almost half of all dogs surren­dered to rescues and shelters have at least one behavior problem, such as fear, fear-based aggression, and destructive behavior. These behaviors can be caused by anxiety that may develop from a lack of socialization. Effective training is not just about commands and obedience. In all of the classes offered, we will address the critical component of socialization for a happier, healthier and more predictable dog in many environments.

Socialization is included in every class, however, if your dog is not comfortable with people and or other dogs, we start with a private session and work on re-socializing your dog so he/she can learn to be around others comfortably.  Socialization should continue throughout your dog’s life.  Adult dogs that have not been socialized, may need to be slowly re-introduced to other dogs.  This process may take time and patience, but it is well worth the investment. 

A group of playful pedigreed Golden Retr
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